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With the Tenant Fee Ban still being pushed through Parliament, it might be time for Landlords to think about the agent they are using and how they operate. As a small independent Letting Agent, we feel for once we have the advantage.

Our team is small but very experienced. What does this mean? With decades of being selective with the tenants that get put forward to our Landlords, we have a 100% tenant approval to tenant passing reference checks within the last 48months at least (records checked for the last 2 years).So if we are recommending tenants to our clients, they will be very likely to pass their references.

Letting Agents will very likely pass the referencing costs on the the Landlord as part of the ‘set up‘ or ‘re-let’ charges, so as a landlord you might ask yourself how often your agent has told you that your tenants failed their referencing and whether you would like to change agent to a team that has a good handle on the situation.

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