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The London based ‘New Economic Foundation’ (NEF) which is a politically left leaning Think Tank has just released another scathing attack on the Private Rental Sector (PRS) describing it as “the most unaffordable, and least secure tenure of housing, relied on by an increasing number of families and older people”

The agenda of the report was to seek and end to what it describes as “no fault evictions” or Section 21 in real parlance. The long term goal is lifetime open ended tenancies and powers to control rents at local government level. The NEF would like to implement a publicly accessible database of landlords and rents and develop a “model of rent controls fit for the 21st century that would limit rents within and between tenancies and being rents down to levels affordable on local incomes”

We, at City & County Residential Lettings Ltd believe, that the current regulation changes already implemented have disadvantaged both Landlords AND tenants. We also believe that should Section 21 be abolished, which ever government is in power, will have a housing crisis on their hands as there isn’t enough supply for tenants as it is, and we imagine a good amount of Landlords in the PRS will throw in their hat, cash in and invest elsewhere. Furthermore we are quite sure the Social Housing Sector, which as already stretched to capacity, will take year upon year of major investment to be able to fill the breech in housing needs which can only lead to more homelessness.

It is beyond our reckoning that a ‘Think Tank’ hasn’t thought through the repercussions beyond the agenda they wish to make policy and we are getting a little annoyed that industry professionals are not being given a platform (other than the General Election) to voice our concerns.

Full Report neweconomics.org/uploads/files/newrules2019a.pdf

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