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***Breaking News***

Parliament have set the date for the Letting Fee Ban. As of 01st June 2019, Letting Agents will no longer be able to charge a tenant for their contribution towards a tenancy set-up. This is great news for tenants but another nail in the coffin for Landlords who have already seen mortgage interest relief abolished and 3% Stamp Duty added to any potential new investment property purchases.

It was our hope here at City & County Residential Lettings Ltd that the Government would see sense and ‘cap’ the amount agents can charge tenants. This legislation has come about because some Letting Agents have been charging extortionate amounts to tenants for tenancy set-ups. We suspect these are, in the most part Estate Agents who have a rental division running as a side line business. Tenant application fee rises started happening in 2008, it was at the same time, Estate Agents who were just selling agents at the time, started rental divisions to prop up a depressed sales market with a new revenue stream, this seems to be too much of a coincidence. These relatively ‘new comers’ to the rental market are winning instructions with new Landlords by offering cheap commissions and the shortfall in running costs has been passed over to the tenants by way of these huge set-up fees. A ‘cap’ would have stopped this practice. We have never charged ‘Tenant Fees’, we have charged ‘Application Costs’, these are in-line with what was outlined by the Government (before the ban) as fair.

A full ban however, will ultimately be good news for a local lettings specialist like ourselves. Our commissions have not been cut and bolstered by charging tenants huge fees. Our commission to Landlords have remained the same for the last 25 years. We believe that our service is worth the price paid and our clients do too.

We are unsure at this point what the market will do in order to counteract the Letting Fee Ban, rent rises are a likely answer, but we are certain the agents offering super low rate commission to Landlords will not be able to continue. Commissions will have to return to the levels charged traditionally or they will fail, it is as clear cut as that.

We think the knock on effect to the fee ban will mean a few things. The first is that with no financial outlay, a tenant may apply for multiple properties simultaneously, this would mean you may not have secured a let when a tenant applies. a tenant could change their mind or may even be hedging their bets on a second choice property which will result in time being wasted, possible loss of rent and referencing costs being incurred. These costs will inevitably be passed on the the Landlord. If the prospective tenant has a history of bad payments and possibly troubled tenancies there is no deterrent from them applying and trying their luck. With these factors in mind, we hope that Landlords will now look more to local Letting Agents specialists such as ourselves because of our high levels of expertise when selecting a good quality candidate, the high level of specialist service and because the discounting agents will no longer be able to over charge tenants to meet the shortfall in their commission structure. We hope that the industry sees a rise in ethically practising agents and clear pricing strategies.

Simon Freebrey

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